The Conservatory’s Affirmation Statement 

The faculty and staff at the Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific stand in support of Black Americans as well as Indigenous and people of color across the country. We condemn the historic and continuing forms of racism that pervade our society and institutions.

As an academic unit, we acknowledge that we have not acted as if Black lives and Black music have mattered, and that we must do so to serve our students, faculty, staff and community. We commit to:

  • Educating ourselves about issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in arts education
  • Changing our curriculum to reflect the experiences of historically marginalized groups
  • Eliminating forms of systemic oppression within our governance structures, policies and procedures

In doing so, we renew our dedication to “integrity in all our actions and decisions, accountability and transparency” (excerpt, Conservatory of Music Mission Statement).

Featured Event
Flute and Hip-Hop

Join Professor Brittany Trotter on February 23 for a talk on Flute and Hip-Hop as part of Pacific’s Conservatory Black History Lecture Series.

Professor Brittany Trotter
the world premiere of “Chávez, 1927”
DEI Efforts
Fall concert engages students with stories of immigration and civil rights struggle

Pacific’s Wind Bands paid homage to civil rights leaders César Chávez and Rosa Parks during the bands’ fall 2022 concert. 

Music Education (Clarinet) '24
Maggie Juarez

"The Pacific Bands concert had a significant impact on me because this was the first time I learned in-depth about Cesar Chávez and the movement of the National Farm Workers Association. Dr. Nguyen took time to teach the ensemble about the meaning of the movement and the sacrifices made throughout the process. Learning while connecting through the World Premiere of Chávez was an exceptional way to honor the movement."

Maggie Juarez
Ryan Abdelmalek
Music Education (Trumpet/Flugelhorn), '23
Ryan Abdelmalek

"Chávez's and Rosa Parks' struggles for civil rights speaks to me as an educator. It's important to program works that honor these histories."

"As a musician, Latin American Dances (2nd Mvmt, "Lamento Cubano") related to thinking of a family member's death and how we feel different emotions and go through grief in different ways, which I think others in the ensemble felt the same."

Music Education and Horn Performance, '23
Braydon Ross

"This concert's focus on the lives of social justice heroes demonstrated how concert programs can serve a purpose beyond presenting great music. Dr. Nguyen curated a set highlighting the strengths of the wind bands while encouraging the audience to engage with the histories detailed in the music we performed. In particular, the works on Rosa Parks and Cesar Chávez, and the poem read before Santos' world premiere, brought focus into social justice activists through musical celebrations of their work and lives."

Braydon Ross