Owen Hall is the center of technology at the Conservatory.  It houses a recording studio, keyboard laboratory, faculty studios, percussion practice rooms, 20 individual practice rooms, a reed-making room, and a state of the art music technology laboratory.

Computer Technology Lab

The computer technology lab is based on 20 Apple computers running current versions of the following software:

  • Max/MSP/Jitter — for audio and video manipulation and live performance
  • Ableton LIVE — digital audio workstation and live performance software
  • Logic — digital audio workstation
  • Sibelius — music notation software
  • Final Cut Pro X — for video creation and editing
  • Photoshop — for image manipulation and editing
  • and other supporting software software

The Analog/Digital StudioLocated in the Computer Technology Lab the new Analog/Digital studio integrates a 200/200e Buchla Analog Modular system with Ableton LIVE creating a powerful composition and live performance tool.

Recording Studio

The digital recording studio gives students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of audio recording and production. Features include:

  • Digidesign C-24 mixing control surface
  • ProTools HD-2 hard-disc multi-track recording system
  • Meyer Sound Laboratories HD-1 active studio monitoring system 
  • Two 50" plasma displays
  • McDSP Emerald Package Audio Processing Software

The plasma displays are mounted above the mixing position allowing students to follow each step of the recording process.  Faculty and students now have the opportunity to make professional quality recordings.  A recent recording studio master class can be viewed on YouTube.

Recording studio services

Available for musical and non-musical events. For recording services, contact Jeff Crawford or call 209.946.7432.

Video Edit Suite

Media Production class provides students with the opportunity to plan, capture, edit and stream concerts, master classes, record release events, workshops and other noteworthy campus and community events. An audio and video system based around high definition video and audio cameras and audio is used along with Mac-based, Final Cut Pro editing system to complete a number of video projects each semester.