The Pacific Community Flute Ensemble is a flute ensemble committed to learning chamber music for multiple flutes, including piccolo, alto and bass flutes. It is open to community members across the greater San Joaquin County, junior and high school students alike, and no audition is required to participate. One needs only own a C-flute and have had an intermediate (3+ years) level of playing experience. The ensemble works toward a recital of repertoire in a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, blues, Broadway, current pop tunes and contemporary. Participants in this ensemble spend a portion of each session focusing on improving intonation, balance and rhythm through group tone and technique exercises. Music is provided. 

Participant Requirements

  • Open to community members, junior and high school students, who have an intermediate level (3+ years) of playing experience.
  • No audition is required.
Pacific Community Flute Ensemble
Summer Session (June–July 2024)

Each rehearsal will be 60 minutes in length (2–3 p.m.). All music will be provided. The course will culminate in a public recital.


Fee: $160 per participant

This fee includes the following:

  • Music provided for participants
  • 6 rehearsals and 1 concert
  • Tone and technique exercises and other flute-related resources