Understanding Ukraine: X-Boundaries to explore global impact

Students sit in a lecture hall

Students attend a previous X-Boundaries event. The annual panel discussion approaches current events from various disciplines. 

The war in Ukraine—and its global ramifications—will be explored through the lens of history, finance and other perspectives during the upcoming X-Boundaries hosted by College of the Pacific. X-Boundaries is held annually to discuss current events from multiple disciplines.

The event will be held Tuesday, March 22 at noon in the Wendell Phillips Center courtyard and is open to all Pacific students, faculty and staff. 

Sharmila King, professor of economics and event organizer, says a faculty panel will discuss the latest developments in Ukraine and the invasion’s broader impacts around the world.

“I don't think people necessarily see this as a potential shift in the world order...There's going to be a change,” said King. “I'm hoping (attendees) will get a greater understanding of what this means for all of us, not just Americans.”

The hour-long event will begin with an update on the current situation from Margarita Kuranova, a Pacific student from Ukraine who has family in the country.

Five panelists from College of the Pacific will then take questions from the audience with Bill Herrin, professor of economics, serving as moderator.

•    Sharmila King and Manizha Sharifova, who specialize  in international finance, will focus on economic sanctions the United States and the West have placed on Russia;
•    Dan O’Neill, a political scientist, will explore China’s position and how the country could benefit from the conflict; 
•    Susan Sample, whose expertise is international conflict, will focus on violations of a country’s sovereignty; and 
•    Andreas Agocs, a historian specializing in modern Central European history, will look at parallels between this event and past conflicts from the 20th century.

Agocs says looking back at World War II and the Cold War will give people a better understanding of the current situation and “what it means for changes in the international order and US-Europe relations.”

Adds King, “What’s happening in Ukraine is going to have global ramifications in politics and the economy. We need to talk about this.”

Questions can be asked during the event or submitted in advance by emailing Lunch will be provided by College of the Pacific and no registration is required.

The event will not be streamed to protect the privacy of students with ties to Ukraine and Russia.

Previous X-Boundaries events have explored the varied reasons for vaccine hesitancy (2021), the diversity gap in media and entertainment (2020) and Stockton’s Guaranteed Basic Income program (2019).