Voting, music entwined in the #iVoted campaign

RJ Bagus

RJ Bagus

University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music students from the Pac Ave Marketing team have joined the national #iVoted campaign to encourage people to vote in the 2020 election.

The #iVoted initiative was founded by music industry entrepreneur Emily White with colleagues Pat Sansone and Mike Luba. In 2018, #iVoted partnered with more than 150 music venues in 37 states. Music fans were admitted to concerts on election night if they showed a photo of themselves outside of their polling place.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, artists were given the option of performing virtually this year. To RSVP for concerts links, all voters have to do is take a “selfie” outside their polling place or holding their blank ballot and submit them to #iVoted.

Visit this link for information on artists, venues and registration.

Under the guidance of Professor Joshua Smotherman, their coach and instructor, conservatory students are running the Pacific #iVoted campaign via social media as a grassroots, non-partisan political action. For more information visit:

"RJ Bagus, with the help of his (Pac Avenue) marketing team, has been working tirelessly to make all of this happen," Smotherman said.

Bagus ’21 said the purpose is to raise civic awareness and encourage Pacific students to vote.

“The upcoming election is a critical one. Students who vote are rewarded with links to possibly a world record-breaking webcast concert,” Bagus said. “More than 400 artists are scheduled to perform on election night. Students can choose an artist that they know or they might find a new music interest.”

“We don’t know people’s political beliefs – and don’t want to. We just want people civically engaged in the democratic process,” White said in a press release. She added that the hope is to have the largest digital concert ever.

"This is a great opportunity for students to get their voices heard," said conservatory student Kaycee Clark ’21.